BARPCV Community

To foster support and communication between members of our local Peace Corps community, including recently-evacuated PCVs, BARPCV has set up a discussion forum on our website:

PCVs may need assistance with temporary lodging, employment, or other forms of support. A group of of RPCVs has created a document to link RPCVs and recently-evacuated PCVs in need of assistance


Know that you have a support network here that is willing to listen and share in your experiences. Though we take part in social distancing, we can still support each other through the RPCV online community. Wishing you all good health and safety in the coming weeks.


Welcome to the Boston Area

Our group hosts social events, networking opportunities, community service volunteering, and other ways for Boston Area RPCVs to engage with their local community. All are welcome!


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Calendar of Events

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