History & Mission

The Boston Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (BARPCV) is a non-profit organization established in 1978 and is a member of the National Peace Corps Association. Our organization consists of about 400 members, concentrated in Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire, and is fully volunteer run, with a Board of Directors and four person executive committee. Our annual budget is funded by membership dues and fundraising efforts.

Our mission is to support our communities by sharing our skills and knowledge gained through Peace Corps, life, and professional experiences. In addition to connecting with and supporting returned and prospective volunteers, BARPCV seeks to carry out the third goal of the Peace Corps, as stated in the 1961 Peace Corps Act: "To promote a better understanding of other people on the part of American people". BARPCV welcomes prospective, current and returned volunteers.


  2. Support Returned Peace Corps Volunteers
  3. Assist prospective and new Peace Corps Volunteers
  4. Bring the World Back Home (the Peace Corps Third Goal "To promote a better understanding of other people on the part of the American people")
  5. Collaborate with Like Minded Organizations

Organizational Structure

  • Board of Directors - up to 18 members who provide direction and run many of the activities for the group. We are always looking for RPCVs who are interested in getting more involved, participate in events, and helping sustain and grow the group. Contact the board of BARPCV at info@barpcv.org if you'd like to learn more about the Board.
  • Programs - support one of BARPCV's four guiding goals. Activities are run by board members, associate board members, or returned volunteers who wish to run projects they are interested in and which support BARPCV's goals. (See BARPCV Programs for program descriptions.)
  • Media Relations - maintains contact and relationships with local news media outlets (print, radio, television) to advertise BARPCV events.
  • Newsletter - publishes newsletters throughout the year, reporting on BARPCV activities, international news, and issues of concern for returned volunteers.
  • Bulletin - publishes monthly e-postcard eBulletin of activities for members.
  • Web Site - maintains https://barpcv.peacecorpsconnect.org.
  • Fundraising - develops new fundraising projects and identifies sources of funds to support BARPCV initiatives and projects.
  • Membership - maintains membership database, produces our Annual Membership Directory, provides mailing labels for other committees to promote events, manages emailings to members, supports activity heads in increasing member involvement, manages the member renewal process, works with NPCA on membership issues, hosts a party or two a year, and generally tries to help out where it can. If you would like to help out with this committee or have ideas on ways to increase membership without turning us into telemarketers, contact us.
  • Regional Groups in New England - Regional groups throughout New England put on local events for members, using the BARPCV non-profit organization umbrella. BARPCV supports these groups through publicity to RPCVs, mailings, and information sharing.