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Book Club


The BARPCV Book Group is an informal group of RPCVs and friends that meet on a monthly basis to discuss books that provoke thought, pathos, laughter and good conversation. The group's eclectic readings cover a wide spectrum of fiction and non-fiction works, local and international authors and reflect the broad taste and experience of the group members.

In addition to reading and discussing books, the group has also done a play reading and gone to the movies to see film versions of past best sellers. This current book group iteration has been meeting since 1995 and usually includes 6-10 people each month.

The monthly meetings take place on a weekday night at members' homes or occasionally at a local restaurant. Participants bring their perspectives and refreshments to share. Refreshments sometime reflect the theme of the book-- for example, champagne and oysters for The Great Gatsby. You're invited to join in any month (whether you've read the entire book or only part) and are encouraged to bring your insights and opinions.

To find details about scheduled meetings, View Events Calendar

For information about the group, Contact Nancy Tiedeman

All are welcome!